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At Peterson Physical Therapy the patient becomes part of a well-informed team which includes primary treatment doctors, therapists and staff.
A personalized program of treatment and exercise is developed with the aim of reducing pain and maximizing the patient's ability to return to normal activities.

Patient Information

During your first visit, your therapist will conduct an initial evaluation to assess your current condition and diagnosis from your referring physician.

Your initial evaluation may consist of objective findings and testing followed by an appropriate treatment plan, encompassing a home exercise program and discussing the length and frequency of your rehabilitation. A copy of your initial evaluation will then be sent to your physician. This first visit is generally an hour in length.

A physician referral/prescription is required to receive physical therapy. Once you have received a prescription from a doctor, it will expire for use in 30 days. Once your prescription is submitted to our facility, it will expire in the time that the doctor has ordered for treatment. For a non-Medicare patient, the longest cycle that a prescription can cover is 6 weeks. A Medicare patient's prescription will expire in 30 days. In order to continue therapy after that, an additional prescription is required.

You and your therapist will determine what goals are to be achieved during physical therapy.

Although it depends on your diagnosis and condition, your follow-up appointments may consist of:

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Modalities
  • Reviews of your home exercise program and your goals

In about 4-6 weeks, we communicate with your physician. Your therapist will complete a progress summary that will be either mailed, faxed, or given to your physician during your visit to follow up with them.

This letter will inform your physician of your progress in therapy and will generally give one of the following recommendations:
1. A request for the approval of additional physical or occupational therapy for a specified amount of time.
2. A recommendation to discharge you from therapy.

If your physician orders additional therapy, s/he will sign a prescription that is attached to a progress summary that has been sent to them. If we do not receive the prescription, we will contact the physician's office for an additional order.

If the physician signs off to discharge you from therapy, this is because the therapist believes that you have met your goals and are no longer progressing with therapy at his/her discretion.

New Patients:
Please download all of the new patient forms. The links for download are on the right side, in the blue column. Please download these forms and print them. Fill them out and bring them with you to your first Peterson Physical Therapy visit.

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New Patients: Please download these forms and print them. Fill them out and bring them with you to your first Peterson Physical Therapy visit.
Thank You.

New Patient Forms

These downloads require Adobe Reader to view and print.

If your computer does not have Adobe Reader it can be downloaded here