Prescott Physical Therapy
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"I have been most appreciative of the expert guidance that your wellness program has provided to me in my quest to improve my general health. I seriously can not thank your fine staff enough whose experience, years of education and willingness to help have certainly helped me elevate my health to a much higher level." Robert Branstrator, DDS

Peterson 2 Physical Therapy

Assisting you to achieve a maximal level of function

At Peterson 2 Physical Therapy our mission is to assist you in achieving a maximal level of function through an individualized treatment program. This program is designed, modified, and administered by one of our licensed physical therapists. Our programs integrate a full range of both aquatic and land-based therapies. We offer you the " of both worlds".

Prescott Physical Therapy

Orthopedics • Sports Medicine • Aquatics

Convenient Prescott Location • Excellent Service • Expert, Attentive Care by Experienced Staff • Most Insurance Plans Accepted


Peterson2 Physcial Therapy • 1320 Iron Springs Road • Prescott, AZ

Peterson 2 Physical Therapy is the Proud Provider of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine for: